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Cloud in Cards & Payments Industry

Cloud computing’s importance has grown significantly in recent years. It has enabled the use of shared IT infrastructure and services to create a flexible, scalable, and on-demand IT environment. Cloud computing provides users with an approach to consuming IT that is significantly more flexible, resource-efficient, and cost-effective compared to traditional IT. The widespread move to home-working necessitated by COVID-19 would have brought businesses to a grinding halt had investments in cloud not been made over the last 10 years. That investment now has the potential to transform the way some businesses operate and Electronics Payments International brings you all the latest information on cloud computing in Cards & Payments.

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Cloud Deals Activity in the Cards & Payments Industry

To best track the emergence and use of cloud in cards & payments, Electronics Payments International tracks patents filings and grants as well as companies that hold most patents in the field of cloud.

Cloud Deals in the Cards & Payments industry: Q4 2019 – Q4 2021

Number of Cloud Mentions in Filings in the Cards & Payments Industry: 2016-2021

Electronics Payments International tracks cards & payments companies and their annual and quarterly filings. Our analysis tracks the mention of cloud in those filings over the past five years.

Cloud Versus Top 5 Themes in Cards & Payments Industry

Electronics Payments International compares cloud mentions in filings versus mentions of other technology themes in filings data over the past five years.

Top 10 Cards & Payments Companies with Cloud Mentions in Filings

Electronics Payments International tracks which cards & payments companies mention cloud in filings most over the past five years.

Cloud Jobs Insights in the Cards & Payments Industry

Electronics Payments International monitors live cards & payments company jobs postings mentioning cloud or those requiring similar technology skills.

Cloud Job Trends in the Cards & Payments Industry

Jobs postings by cards & payments companies mentioning cloud over the recent past. Cloud jobs tracker in the cards & payments industry looks at jobs posted, closed and active in the sector.

Most active Cards & Payments Companies with Cloud Jobs

Electronics Payments International’s jobs tracker lists cards & payments companies with most cloud jobs posted in the recent past.