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Digital Editions

In 2017 we are delighted to introduce the new digital supplements published by Electronic Payments International. Available online and tablet application, the supplement is available for free and features topical focuses on some of the key developments, trends and challenges in the payments sector. It also features topical thought leadership by our knowledge partners. The free supplements are published several times a year and distributed to over thousands of payments industry players globally.

payments issue 11 cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 11 April 2021

A year on, Covid-19 is still having a lasting impact on payments and even more so when it comes to the gender gap. This issue of Verdict Payments looks at how the sector can become more inclusive.

payments digi issue 10 cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 10 September 2020

Since the pandemic began, the number of consumers switching to online shopping has risen significantly. This issue of Verdict Payments looks at how Covid-19 is changing e-commerce.

payments digi issue 9 cover - Digital Editions

ISSUE 9 June 2020

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on payments. This latest issue of Verdict Payments looks how the pandemic is impacting both digital and physical payment channels.

feb payments - Digital Editions


This latest issue of Verdict Payments looks at: gender diversity in payments, loyalty programme fraud, fintechs to watch out for and cardless ATMs. Who are the challengers on the rise?

epi December 4 - Digital Editions


In this digital supplement of Verdict Payments: 2020, The year of instant payments, ING hit with tap on phone, Visa ramps up African ambitions with Interswitch, Mastercard targets UK debit card growth and Eastern Europe online growth potential in focus.

epi september - Digital Editions


This digital supplement of Verdict Payments looks at: people wanting to get paid faster, major firms joining the Financial Data Exchange, is free cash access in freefall and can banks bring customers back from fintechs?

image 2019 06 05 11 53 08 432 - Digital Editions

ISSUE 5 MAY 2019

In the latest issue of Verdict Payments sponsorship is looked at in payments. How much are they spending, what are the goals and are they successful?

EPI 2 - Digital Editions


In this digital issue of Verdict Payments: the cashless trend hitting football matches, digital start-ups that are creating innovative card designs and whether the UK is heading for a credit card crisis, and more.

VPaugust  - Digital Editions


In this digital supplement of Verdict Payments: cryptocurrency is seeking legitimacy, governments are launching their own crypto, Facebook enters the payments world, and more

PAYMENTS - Digital Editions

ISSUE 2 MAY 2018

Our second issue takes a deeper look into how payments are becoming easier and more accessible. There are products for children through Credit Suisse, bigger marketing campaigns from Mastercard and Visa, as well as greater security efforts.

Verdict Payments issue 1 - Digital Editions

ISSUE 1 – MARCH 2018

In this issue, we explore how to keep your payments secure as cybersecurity threats continue to increase.

EPI 1710 cover h - Digital Editions


In this issue, we explore how to keep your payments secure as cybersecurity threats continue to increase.

EPI 1707 cover h - Digital Editions

ISSUE 2 – JULY 2017

In this issue we look at traditional, new and changing payment methods around the world and the different drivers of change.

epidm - Digital Editions

ISSUE 1 – MAY 2017

The first digital issue of EPI revolves around blockchain and alternative payments. We look into the potential of bitcoin, hear from Blythe Masters about the future of distributed ledger technology, and speak to one of the early commercial blockchain-based payments companies. Plus we explore retailer opportunities in mobile commerce and the growing popularity of gift cards.

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